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The way to cooperation is connecting people face to face and finding common grounds.

We need to take a stand and do the right thing.

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Misconceptions are prevalent in our society; ideas like all Muslims are terrorists, or The Green Party is full of marijuana smoking left wing socialist environmental activists(…a mouth full).    I fully support Green principles and policies because they are based on fairness, facts and future security.  The simple reason why environmental issues come first (some people still don’t get it) is when you take away our air, water, land and all the things that sustain life, then nothing matters.  It’s quite obvious that decisions made without long term vision are dumb.    
Here are some reasons why Green values fit me:
·         I work in engineering solving problems, while embracing both creativity and logic.
·         I believe in responsible and ethical free enterprise.
·         I support those in need of help but don’t believe in hand-outs or entitlement.
Why are educated successful people beginning to lean towards Green?  Because they don’t just follow others like sheep, they have the intellectual capacity to ignore media hype, antiquated ideologies and political BS. 

It’s time to take a stand and do the right thing; not just be pleasing anybody and everybody.    It’s time to step off the side-line and sign up to be a member of the BC Green, Donate to help me and other Green MLAs win seats in the legislature to bring back real leadership to this super green province of our.    

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